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Buy Olive Oil in Priego de Cordoba

What to buy olive oil extra virgin from our online gourmet shop ?

It's quite normal to ask yourself, what types of olive oil need to buy, and why? The answer is very simple: buy olive oil extra hundred percent environmentally friendly extraction is cold pressed.

The reason why we suggest to buy extra virgin olive oil is ecologically hundred percent is her exquisite taste and nutritional contribution. Any olive oil, to a lesser extent, do not have this taste is so exquisite, with hints so pronounced. In addition, that olive oil is less likely to contain additives and chemicals in their extraction methods, which can be harmful to the body.

What are the Benefits to buy Extra Virgin olive oil Eco

In olive oil is used as a part of the human diet since ancient times, known for over four thousand years.

Thousands of years ago the Greeks recognized its benefits. Research throughout history, as well as research by modern scientists, show that to buy olive oil , good for health and should be included in our daily diet.

Buy olive oil extra virgin olive oil from cold extraction has the feature that can be consumed directly in its raw form, unrefined. It retains all its vitamins, essential fatty acids and other nutrients.

Various studies conducted by different organizations have shown that to buy olive oil Lowers blood pressure, Reduces cholesterol, Inhibits platelet aggregation, Reduces the incidence of breast cancer and colon and appears to significantly reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (low density lipoproteins) and therefore prevents heart disease. (Because it contains antioxidants, powerful).