Shipping and Olive Oil

In our online store, located in Priego de Cordoba, buy Olive Oil Extra Virgin or Eco-friendly is very easy.

Our system on the website is very simple and intuitive, in accordance with the laws of use and data protection, which are summarized in four points, all the details that you need to know before making a purchase.

All shipping costs are always borne by the client , and appear in the buying process. They will always be in the destination Country.

Delivery of orders placed on our online store Healthy diet and Olive oil is performed for a Single and it can be different depending on the country of destination of your purchase.

Our commitment to the delivery to address any health Food or olive Oil, bought in it's from 5 to 10 days depending on the destination Country.

In any case, will be delivered to p. O. boxes.

Make your purchase from any type of olive oil extra virgin or designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba or not, in our online store, you have access anytime for the tracking number - tracking on "you" shipping.

You can also make a purchase at our real store, located at Ul. K-339, km 24, at the gas station on Milana, 14800, Priego de Cordoba. Where we offer the best oil Source best oil D. O. P. Priego de córdoba.

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