How To Buy


The choice of products

Go to the website and add to cart the products you want by clicking on this button:

Añadir al carrito

Will automatically be taken to the shopping cart page that shows a list of products that You Will buy. Here you can add, but units.

You can continue shopping...

Or confirmation....

Now there will be 2 steps" below to complete your purchase:


Data delivery

Create an account for a new customer. Here you will be prompted to enter their details (name and address) to make purchases and create your account. If you are already a registered customer direct access with a user name and password.

You will receive an email to confirm the high quality of the new customer.

You will be prompted for the data delivery to order now, and the form of payment.

Read and accept the terms of use of the web site.

Make the purchase.


And the confirmation for the order

You will see the order number and payment instructions for each case.

Will receive a letter with information about the purchase. Check again if the data is correct. If you find some errors in your data, just write an e-mail and we will contact you.

For orders on cards that were not accepted by the Bank, the order will be cancelled automatically, so you can return to make a new order with a new card or a new payment method.

Do not forget to check the details of delivery and telephone number to avoid delays.

If you have any questions, write info@alimentossaludablesdepriego or call by phone: +34 699675284.