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Oleum Hispania Series Nature Premium

Aceite de Oliva virgen extra de Priego de Córdoba de primera calidad Óleum Hispania gama Nature Premium

Oleum Hispania: Hispania Oleum is a family owned company, located in Carcabuey, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Sierra de La Subbética Cordoba, in the heart of Andalusia, specialized in marketing and production of Olive Oil.

Oleum Hispania was bound his life to country, and therefore, Oil.

In Oleum Hispania, we Manage the whole process of Oil production and their commercialization for this purpose we have our own Farms, Almazara, Laboratory, Bottling, Tanks for the carriage of Oil in Bulk, Trucks for Oil Transportation, Packaging and stable agreements with Producers of Olive oil.

Fábrica de aceite propia de Óleum Hispania Gama Nature Premium Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de Priego de Córdoba

Our main capital:

This is the fruit of Olive trees that will be deployed along and across the Natural Park Subbética, olive groves, located on top, the only one in Andalusia . The climate and richness of these floors produce oil frutados, bright and unique, internationally recognized major varieties Hojiblanca, Birdhouse, Arbequina, Arbosana, Picual and Picuda. Oil unique.

The philosophy of our work: Inspiration.

Based in the fact that the values of our culture that is gone, passing from generation to generation, over time, and that he survived to the present day.

Juice Oleum Hispania comes from our own harvest, providing and controlling thus their source.

We carry a large selection of the best olives collected in flight, at the point of optimum maturity, while envero in early November. Her collection is made using traditional methods adapted in our days, this with the maximum respect for the environment in which we find ourselves, and does not damage neither olive trees nor fruits.

Just a few hours after harvest, our Olive brings to the mill, and after molturada we get our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thus preserving its best quality sensual smell, taste and color.

  • All this with the help of a mechanical extraction process at low temperatures .
  • These first juice from the Olives to keep me within twenty days by, it is a natural process.
  • Then we, knowing about the organoleptic qualities of our oils.
  • After tasting the various positions to proceed to the selection and classification of our best Oils.
  • To preserve all of its properties and characteristics stored in stainless steel tanks with the atmosphere protegiand duly sealed and numbered, to control them.


Oleum Hispania: Butter, Healthy.

In Olive Oil is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. Have a high content of polyphenols and antioxidants that are beneficial for health. High oleic acid content contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and control cholesterol.

Have excellent properties for skin care and hair care, used since ancient times as products for skin care to prevent aging.

Oleum Hispania: Quality Guaranteed

Our quality shows in the constant awards received during the last campaigns, both at national and international level .

Also specify that we are part of the International QVExtra and that in these moments we are in the process certificarnos in IFS and BRC. QvExtra! gives a sign of quality the international olive oil that meets the requirements of physico-chemical and sensory coordinated by the Association.

This sign, called SIQEV, a stamp of international agreed upon between producers, professionals and consumers, which confirms that the product meets the quality requirements are more stringent than those established by the laws in force in the current.

In this regard, guarantees the consumer that the oil SIQEV is in the range of high quality and will remain so during the entire shelf life.

Rate brave enough to answer the demands of consumers at national and international level.

Awards and Recognition Oil Oleum Hispania Series Premium Nature.


  1. Gold medal. Monocultivar extra virgin 2017. Italy.
  2. A Big Mention. Frutado Of Green Environment. 19-th international Contest L Orciolo d'oro.
  3. Silver medal. Hojiblanco. L. Extra Virgin Olive Oil In 2017.
  4. Silver medal. Aviary. L. Extra Virgin Olive Oil In 2017.
  5. Guide EVOOLEUM. World's Top 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils.
  6. Mosque Of Gold. Frutado-Green. IV Competition. Cordoba (Spain).
  7. Gran Menzione (Oleum Hispania Hojiblanco). XXIII Premio Nazionale M.
  8. Double gold Medal (Oleum Hispania bird cage). Athena International Olive Oil.
  9. Guide IBEROLEUM. Guide Olive Oil. Oleum Hispania Aviary.
  10. Guide IBEROLEUM. Guide Olive Oil . Oleum Hispania Hojiblanco.
  11. Gold medal. The Diversity Of The Bird Cage. London 2017.
  12. Gold medal. Frutado-Green Color. NYIOOC 2016 Best oils in the World.
  13. Gold medal. Frutado-Green Color. Olive Japan 2017. Japan.
  14. Gold medal. The Diversity Of The Bird Cage. Sial Canada 2017.
  15. Diploma Gourmet. Frutado-Green Light. Hojiblanco . AVPA Paris 2017.
  16. Diploma Gourmet. Frutado-Green Light. Aviary . AVPA Paris 2017.
  17. Bronze Medal, Frutado-Green Color. Olive Oil Award Zurich By 2017.
  18. Gold medal. D-IOOC 2017 (Italy).
  19. Big Menzioni. Oleum Hispania Hojiblanco. Leone D'oro In 2017. (Italy).
  20. Big Menzioni. Oleum Hispania Aviary. Leone D'oro In 2017. (Italy).
  21. Silver medal in the frutado Soft. Range: Birdhouse. Oil China 2017.
  22. Silver medal in the frutado Intense. Range: Hojiblanco. Oil China 2017.7
  23. GRAND PRESTIGE GOLD. Variety hojiblanca. Israel 2017.
  24. GRAND PRESTIGE GOLD. The choice of the enclosure. Israel 2017.
  25. The prize design. The choice of the enclosure. Olivinus 2017.
  26. The prize design. A variety of hojiblanco. Oiivinus 2017.
  27. Choice award children. A variety hojiblano. Olivinus 2017.</li>
  28. Gran prestigio oro. Variedad pajarera. Olivinus 2017.
  29. Gran prestigio oro. Variedad hojiblanco. Olivinus 2017.
  30. Top 50 World’s Best Olive Oils (14 Major International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions).

Dusseldorf 2017.   RECONOCIMIENTOS CALIDAD CAMPAÑA 2015/2016

  1. Primer Premio. Frutado Verde Maduro. IX Concurso Provincial de Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

Diputación de Córdoba.

  1. Mejor Maestro Almazara a Juan Maria Cano Gonzalez Jefe de Producción Oleum Hispania.
  2. Medalla de Oro. Frutado Verde Intenso. NYIOOC 2016
  3. Medalla de Oro. Monocultivar 2016. Italia;
  4. Medalla de Oro. Frutado Verde Intenso. Olive Japan 2016
  5. Gran Menzione Intenso. Leone D’Oro 2016 Italia.
  6. Gran Prestige Gold. Terraolivo 2016. Israel
  7. Medalla Oro . D-IOOC 2016 (Italia).
  8. Gran Mención .Frutado Ligero . Armonia (Italia) 2016.
  9. Gran Menzioni. Concurso Internacional Sol D’Oro 2016. Italia
  10. Gran Mención. Frutado Verde Medio. 18º Concurso Internacional L’Orciolo d’Oro. Pesaro (Italia).
  11. Mezquita de Oro. Frutado Verde. II Concurso Ibérico a la calidad de los Aceites de Oliva Virgen

Extra. Córdoba (España)

  1. Segundo Premio. Frutado Maduro. XVIII Feria del Olivo de Montoro.(Córdoba) .
  2. Medalla Plata Frutado Verde Intenso. Olive Oil Award Zurich 2016
  3. Medalla de Bronce. Frutado Verde Intenso Hojiblanco .Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive

Oil Competition 2016.

  1. Medalla de Bronce. Frutado Verde .Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2016.
  2. Medalla Bronce . Frutado Verde Intenso. Oil China 2016.
  3. Diplome Gourmet. Frutado Verde Medio. AVPA Paris 2016.
  4. Top 50 World’s Best Olive Oils (14 Major International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions).

Dusseldorf 2016.

  3. 13 ranking of evoo of the year 2016. Wr evoo world ranking extra virgin olive oils.


  1. 25 Ranking of EVOO of the Year 2015. WR EVOO World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oils
  2. Prestigio Oro. Argentina.
  3. Una Estrella. Great Taste Award Contest 2015. Guild of Fine Food. Gran Bretaña.
  4. Ranking Top 175 Mejores Aceites de Oliva Virgen Extra 2015. Feinschmecker Olive Oil Test. Der

Feinschmecker Magazine. Alemania.

  1. Tercer Premio. Frutado Verde Medio. II Concurso Nacional a la Calidad del Aceite de Oliva Virgen

Extra Fercam. Manzanares (Ciudad Real) España

  1. Prestige Gold. Terraolivo 2015. Israel
  2. Mezquita de Oro. Frutado Verde. II Concurso Ibérico a la calidad de los Aceites de Oliva Virgen

Extra. Córdoba (España)

  1. Medalla de Oro. Frutado Verde Medio. NYIOOC 2015 Mejores Aceites del Mundo.
  2. Gran Mención. Frutado Verde Medio. IX Concurso Internacional Armonia. Spoleto (Italia).
  3. Gran Mención. Frutado Verde Medio. 17º Concurso Internacional L’Orciolo d’Oro. Pesaro


  1. Premio. Frutado Verde Medio. International Olive Oil Award IOOA. Zurich (Suiza).
  2. Medalla de Oro. Premio Internacional de Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra CINVE 2015. Valladolid